Need to move your on premises Exchange to Office 365 but unsure where or how to start? We can help with Skykick’s Migration Suite to insure a simple, efficient, planned migration to the cloud.

SkyKick Migration Suite for Office 365 is highly automated and simplifies the migration process to ensure a safe, secure, and seamless switch of all email, contacts and calendar data to Office 365. Your business will see no interruption to their operations.

The Migration Suite ensures that no data is lost or left behind during the migration, with multiple syncs before, during, and after the switch to Office 365. No data is removed from the email source but is instead copied and replicated in Office 365. Real-Time monitoring ensures that everything is ready before switching to Office 365.

An automated tool orchestrates everything that needs to occur for a seamless switch to Office 365, with no interruption to mailflow to make an easy transition for end users.

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