Cisco Umbrella provides your first level of defence for your security posture; at the DNS layer. Today’s security appliances and agents must wait until malware reaches the perimeter or endpoint before they can detect or prevent it. Umbrella is your fist line of defense, stopping attacks earlier in the kill chain. By enforcing security at the DNS layer, Umbrella stops threats before they ever reach your network or endpoints.

By analyzing and learning from internet activity patterns, Umbrella automatically uncovers attacker infrastructure staged for current and emerging threats, and proactively blocks requests to malicious destinations before a connection is even established or a malicious file downloaded.

Umbrella can also stop compromised systems from exfiltrating data via command and control (C2) callbacks to the attacker’s botnet infrastructure, over any port or protocol.

Unlike appliances, Cisco’s cloud security platform protects devices on and off the corporate network. Unlike agents, the DNS layer protection extends to every device connected to the network – even IoT. Umbrella truly is the easiest and fastest layer of security to deploy everywhere.

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